Did You Know?

… that the Union Agricultural Society, doing business as the World’s Fair:

  • is a non-profit 501-c-5 agricultural end educational fair.
  • in 2012, 58 students from South Royalton High participated in Senior Day, assisting handi-capped elderly from area nursing homes to get around and enjoy the fair. This community service project was initiated in the 1980s and has grown, matching the number of senior citizens who come annually.
  • has been supported for infrastructure upgrades through matching grants from the State of Vermont for about 10 years especially for plumbing and electrical. Recently security lights have been added to the back of the track.
  • provides over $25,000 in premiums, supported by a stipend from the Agency of Agriculture.
  • provides free space for volunteer fire department training.
  • puts flags up in town for Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.
  • donated the library building to the town, a gift valued at $50,000 in 1997.
  • contracts with Norwich cadets to work admissions in return for a substantial students training fund.
  • provides a well to service the town offices water supply.
  • The  Friends of the Tunbridge World’s Fair raised money to pay for 1)the new seasonal pedestrian bridge linking the fairgrounds to Sherlock’s Field. The ice storm of January 2010 damaged and washed away parts of the old wooden structure. The new bridge has steel footings and slides out across the First Branch in sections;and 2) sets of aluminum bleachers built to current safety codes in 2011. And in 2012,the popular antique ice cream machine.
  • Although going  for over 140 years, the fair was incorporated in 1902 under the Union Agricultural Society which received the Vermont State Centennial Award in 2012 for non-profit businesses.

The Tunbridge World’s Fair is an agricultural non-profit, and all proceeds go back to the infrastructure, programs and projects on the grounds.