Fair Schedule



Always 10 days after Labor Day, The 147th fair dates are September 13,14,15,16, 2018

The Tunbridge World’s Fair has run continuously since 1867 except in 1918, due to the great flu epidemic, and during World War II. For more information on the history of the Tunbridge Fair, check out that section of our website.

All 4 days: Pig races, Children’s Barnyard. Plus TBA

Antique Tractor Pull is on Sunday starting at 10AM


Grandstand Free

Thursday: 8AM – 9PM
Friday: 7AM – 9PM
Saturday: 7AM – 10PM
Sunday: 8AM – 6PM

Daily Schedule listed by venue


Thursday September 13 is “Agricultural Education Day”

Children’s activities in all departments, see Ag Ed page for schedule

Also: Veteran’s Appreciation Day with special concert in evening, see below

Memorial Arena – Pony Pulling

  • 11AM – Under 1850 lbs
  • 3PM – Under 2,250 lbs
  • 7PM – Free-For-All

Grandstand: Capital City Automart Stage

  • 2PM – Harness Racing
  • 6PM – Sheep Dog Trials

Horse Show Ring

  • 11AM – Fitting & Showing
  • 1PM – In-hand Halter

Swine Show at small livestock arena

  • 9AM     4-H Breed Presentation…every half hour

Frazer’s Judging Arena

  • 9AM – Single Ox Show
  • 11AM – Dairy Show: calves and yearlings, all breeds

Entertainment Tent (rotating shows every half hour from 10-4)

  • Larkin Dancers at 10am, noon, 2 & 4pm
  • Jason Tardy Juggling 10:30AM, 12:30PM & 2:30PM; Darren Young Magician 11:15AM,1:15PM &3:15PM
  • Thursday evening Veteran’s Appreciation 7pm Don Campbell Band

Poultry Barn

  • 10AM – Open Show
  • 3PM – Junior show


Floral Hall Gazebo

  • WDEV

Friday September 14

Memorial ArenaHorse Pulling

  • 11AM – Under 3,100 lbs
  • 3PM – Under 3,300 lb
  • 7PM – Free-For-All

Grandstand: Capital City Automart Stage

  • 8:30AM – Oxen & Steer cart class
  • Noon – Harness racing with Radio Rangers in between races.
  • froggy: Shana Stack Band, Fresh Horses with Tribute to Garth Brooks

Horse Show Ring

  • 4-H Project followed by English & Western Classes

Small livestock arena

  • Sheep Show 9AM
  • Swine Show 1PM Junior Fitting and Showing, Junior and Open Conformation


Frazer’s Judging Arena

  • 9AM – Dairy Show: cows, all breeds
  • 1PM – Supreme Dairy Cow;
  • 1:30PM – Oxen & Steer Show
  • 6PM- Livestock Conservancy Award, Rare Breeds

Entertainment Tent (rotating shows every half hour 10-4)

  • Larkin Dancers, 10am, noon, 2 & 4pm
  • Jason Tardy Juggling 10:30AM, 1:30PM & 2:30PM; Darrin Yong Magic 11:15AM, 1:15PM & 3:15PM… two energetic acts of comedy, juggling, magic,  and in the evening 5pm Beer & Wine Garden

Floral Hall Gazebo

  • WDEV and Mill band/old time country at 1:30 & 4:30, then Timothy James and Connie Button 7pm


Saturday September 15

Memorial ArenaOxen Pulling

  • 10AM – Oxen Pulling (Under 2,500 lbs)
  • 1PM – Oxen Pulling (2,201-2,900 lbs)
  • 4PM – Oxen Pulling (2901-3,300 lbs)
  • 7PM – Oxen Pulling (Free-For-All)

Grandstand: Capital City Automart Stage

  • 12:30 – Livestock Cavalcade
  • 2PM
  • 5PM Frank Fest: Conniption Fit; Foreigner-Journey Band Tribute, Wanted DOA with Tribute to Bon Jovi

Horse Show Ring

  • 10AM – Costume Class, Lead-line, pre-parade, Livestock Cavalcade, Trail Class & Versatility

Small Livestock Show Ring

  • Goat Show 9am
  • Swine Show 10:30AM-12:30PM   Agility, Junior heats
  • 2PM Painted Pig
  • 6pm Sheep & Goat Costume Class

Frazer’s Judging Arena

  • 9:30AM – Dairy Fitting & Showing
  • 12:30 – Livestock Cavalcade (Grandstand)
  • 1:30PM – Oxen costume class

 Entertainment Tent (rotating shows every half hour from 10-4)

  • Larkin Dancers at 10am, noon, 2 &4
  •  Jason tardy Juggling10:30AM, 12:30PM & 2:30PM;  Darrin Yong Magic 11:15AM, 1:15PM & 3:15PM
  • 5pm Beer and Wine Garden

 Floral Hall Gazebo

  • WDEV till noon, Dan & the Dinaosaurs at 5pm


Sunday September 16

Memorial Arena

  • Junior & Senior Trained Steer Contest

Grandstand: Capital City Stage

  • Champlain Valley Equipment Antique Tractor Pull, starting 10AM,with host Mark and Debbie Fuller. For more info on pulling see northeastsledservices.com

Horse Show Ring

  • Gymkhana

Judging Arena – Organic Valley/CROPP JUNIOR Dairy Show

  • 11AM – Dairy costume class
  • NOON – Dairy Herdsmanship
  • 1PM – Dairy Adult Fitting and Showing
  • 1:30PM – Junior Dairy Show

Swine Barn Show Ring

  •  10AM -12:30PM Agility 2
  • 2-3PM Agility Finals  (timed obstacle race, Juniors & Open, with best of each in final competition)

 Entertainment Tent: rotating shows every half hour from 11AM-4:30PM

  • Larkin Dancers 11am, 1 & 3pm
  •  Darren Yong, magic 11:30AM, 1:30PM & 3:30PM;  Jason Tardy, juggling 12:30PM, 3:30PM & 4:15PM

Floral Hall Gazebo

  • 11am and 3pm Oxford & Clark